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FASTFRAME provides a lifetime guarantee on Craftsmanship and a 30-day guarantee on Design using materials of equal cost.


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Sports Jerseys

All sports jerseys are completed with full conservation framing methods and materials.
A good example would be a Michael Jordan basketball jersey you bought for $250 back when you could get one for that price. You get it framed at XYZ framing cheap for $150. He dies tomorrow and now they are worth $5,000. You want to sell it. The buyer asks you to remove it from the frame to prove it can be worn/handled/etc. and that nothing harmful has been done to the jersey.


Unfortunately XYZ framing cut corners to reduce price and used glue and other harmful methods to frame it as quickly and cheaply as they could.  The jersey is now worthless.

Conservation framing methods require that the object/art being framed be able to be removed and returned to it’s original state such that no irreversible damage has been done. We use mounting and attaching methods that are totally reversible.  


It may seem like a lot of money to get a jersey custom framed, but given the amount of time and effort we put into these projects, it is actually very reasonable for the job. We could never charge what it really takes to do these projects. Many times we spend twice the amount of time budgeted and charged because it’s necessary to do the job correctly, and other times we don’t fully anticipate that a jersey may be extremely difficult to work with and mount such that it looks really good. We have a reputation for an excellent job. We don’t cut corners or frame the jersey incorrectly.


There are framers that will mount a jersey and place the glass directly on the jersey creating a tight sandwich that will “fit” compressed in a narrow depth frame. Although this may result in a lower cost option to the customer, It is not what you want to do to a jersey you value. Because the glass is directly on top of the jersey there is no room for the jersey to breathe. If there are changes in humidity or moisture issues to contend with, the jersey will start to rot because there isn’t anywhere for the moisture to go. 


At FASTFRAME we take into account what needs to be done to do the job correctly.

 We do have some other options for displaying jerseys that do not involve a fully mounted method. They offer a less expensive way to get the job done along with options to have access to remove the jersey also. Call us for ideas on how best to get the job done. We have an option for every budget.