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FASTFRAME provides a lifetime guarantee on Craftsmanship and a 30-day guarantee on Design using materials of equal cost.


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  • Framed Portraits our specialty! We’ve done numerous portraits from all the local photographers.  Let us show you how fantastic it can look.
  • Photography – ask us about full conservation dry mounting for a great look.
  • Custom Mirrors – Let us show you how to design a breathtaking mirror for that special space in your home.  If you can image it, we can create it.
  • Canvas Stretch – regular and gallery wraps.  All sizes.
  • Newspaper/Magazine articles – we can create a personalized frame for someone who gets written up in the local newspaper or magazine.
  • Memorabilia – what do you have in a box or drawer that is treasured, but you have no idea how to display it or what to do with it? Bring it in and we’ll show you how to turn heirlooms and keepsakes into specially framed pieces that will display them as unique and creative art. Anything can be framed!
  • Sports Jerseys – See below article on conservation framing
  • Needlework
  • Quick change frames
  • Artwork – We have framed photography and canvas giclee art in our showroom for sale. You can easily search for all types of art in the comfort of your home. We can also help with searching for artwork through a proprietary software program we have in-store with 180,000 images we can run searches on to home in on exactly what you want.  We can even limit our search by size and by color.
  • Commercial Services – We can help you to upgrade the look of your office or workplace by reframing existing pieces or designing a totally new look for your space.  Multiple piece production orders are welcome.

Conservation Framing

All services performed are completed with full conservation framing methods and materials.
A good example would be a Michael Jordan basketball jersey you bought for $250 back when you could get one for that price. You get it framed at XYZ framing cheap for $150. He dies tomorrow and now they are worth $5,000. You want to sell it. The buyer asks you to remove it from the frame to prove it can be worn/handled/etc. and that nothing harmful has been done to the jersey. Unfortunately XYZ framing cut corners to reduce price and used glue and other harmful methods to frame it as quickly and cheaply as they could.  The jersey is now worthless. Conservation framing methods require that the object/art being framed be able to be removed and returned to it’s original state such that no irreversible damage has been done. We use mounting and attaching methods that are totally reversible.

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