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Conservation quality mats

When matting your artwork, care must be taken to choose the correct mat for the artwork. We don’t carry decorative matboard, although we have access to it for commercial work or when the artwork being framed is unimportant, casual,  or will be changed out of the frame often and cost is a consideration. The problem with decorative matboard is that it contains acid and will, over time, damage your artwork. These mats turn a golden brown color due to the acid and will actually burn into the artwork.


Several manufacturers have “paper” mats that are buffered or treated to make them “acid-free”.  They use modern technology to trap contaminants and keep them away from artwork. These mats are the best alternative to decorative paper mats that contain acid. We offer these mats as an alternative to cotton at a lower price.


When the highest degree of conservation is required, cotton rag mats are the only choice.  They contain no acid (acid free) and are not paper.  We carry both Bainbridge and Cresent mats in a variety of color choices.  Many of the cotton rag mat choices have solid color running through the mat which is a nice clean look when compared to the white lines that show when cutting a white core mat. One could also “reverse bevel” or cut the mat in the opposite direction if no white line border is desired. These mats cost more, but provide the highest level of protection possible when framing valuable and important artwork.