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We avoid putting regular glass on anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Regular glass has only 45% ultra violet blocking capacity.  If you care about the artwork or photograph you are framing, you want to have as much UV blocking capacity as possible. Our house glass is a UV glass (Conservation Clear)  capable of blocking 97% of UV rays.  The cost differential is minimal and makes UV glass an easy choice.

When reflection control is important, Museum Glass is the best choice available. It is the best optical framing grade  glass choice available that provides less than 1% reflection compared to 8% for either regular or UV alone.  The result is absolutely stunning. Nothing has the look of Museum glass. Museum Glass has the same 97% UV protection that Conservation Clear has with the added reflection control of less than 1%.  It costs more, but when your artwork has to look the absolute best, it’s the only choice.


Non-Glare glass – we don’t recommend non-glare glass. It is an acid etched glass that puts microscopic bumps on the glass that refract light sideways to control reflection. It does so at the cost of distortion in the way of a hazy or frosty look to the glass.  We do carry this glass as an economically lower cost alternative to Museum Glass, but it is not the best choice for most artwork. It is available with or without UV protection.  It costs more than Conservation Clear, but is roughly half the cost of Museum Glass.


Acrylic – acrylic or Plexiglas may be a good choice when the artwork is too large to accommodate glass and weight can be a consideration.  Other uses may come into play when breakage is an issue.  Framed art above a baby’s crib would be a good choice where glass would be inappropriate.  Acrylic comes in regular and UV choices as well as abrasion resistant when art may be subject to high traffic areas.