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Dry Mounting

We can drymount (permanently bond) posters through a heat vacuum process such that the work lies completely flat over it’s life after mounting.  An adhesive sheet is placed below the poster and melts from the heat applied in the press. The vacuum creates pressure to flatten the poster and bond it to the backing.  It can help to make a dented or creased poster look much better. This type of drymounting is non-reversible and done for items that have little or no value. Once anything of value is permanently drymounted, it loses its value.


There is a conservation drymounting board available that is totally reversible that enables us to mount art like watercolors and limited editions that may have more curvature with superior results. It uses less heat and is in the press for less time creating a bond that flattens the artwork and still can be removed by reheating the board at a later date creating a “reversible bond”. This reversible bond allows it to be a conservation mounting method. Art mediums done with oils and acrylics that could re-activate due to heat in a drymount press are not possible to drymount.